Trauma bond A bond and attachment that happens During traumatic experiences is a “trauma bond”. It sets a pattern of seeing danger everywhere, of creating drama, and anticipating and participating in trauma on a regular basis. Relationships with a trauma bond are often exhausting, toxic, dependent and chaotic. Healing a trauma bonded relationship needs toContinue reading


“This inner void” Feeling empty inside Incomplete, Yearning, Missing something or someone But not being sure what or whom… My inner child’s wounds Feel like an empty spot Right at my heart or in my gut, Feeling the neglect, Feeling the abuse, Yearning for attention, for acceptance, For the love that makes one feel wantedContinue reading “Homecoming”

“The Word is so dark right now”

“I did not know I need safety” Many people are experiencing multiple losses in their families. Others are living in traumatic circumstances, so used to abuse, devaluation and manipulation, that safety, vulnerability or intimacy are not something they know. As our culture and world are going through more than two years of complex trauma, theContinue reading ““The Word is so dark right now””