About the Author

My name is Dorothea Erdmuth Lotze-Kola. As a first generation immigrant since 1993, I cherish my German heritage and also my chosen home country of the US. I am married for 23 years to a West African man who grew up in Ghana and Nigeria before immigrating in his early twenties to the US. Our twin daughters are 17 years old, and are exploring what it means to be tri-cultural and bi-racial in a country that just went through four difficult years of painful politics based on racism, sexism and xenophobia. Our daughters and our family are currently in recovery.

I enjoy my creativity  as the pastor of the German congregation here in Atlanta, GA. We have been offering online worship for nearly a year now www.redeemerchoir.org/german

I also cherish my creativity as the executive director of a 44 year old non profit organization that serves the Atlanta and Georgia community (now online) with accessible counseling and with chaplaincy training. www.trainingandcounselingcenter.org 

Another joy of mine is a small private practice as a marriage and family therapist that I attend to on Wednesdays. That middle day of the week is also my “retirement practice” day when I am intentionally engaging in the practice of “being” versus “doing”. Even though I still have ten years before retirement, I don’t want to get there and then not know how to just “be”.

Welcome to my Watchwords!