Did you know?

Did you know? When our anxious and stressed-out mind runs our daily life, we often allow all kinds of negative, toxic and traumatic materials into our system. Our body, soul and spirit suffer – they get neglected or abused, and at least minimized or ignored. Our bodies are amazing organisms that are deeply interconnected: WhenContinue reading “Did you know?”

Overcoming Shame and Guilt Often the feelings of shame and guilt are being created in us by outside forces that judge, condemn, and deny or keep taboos. When shaming and guilting are being used as a weapon, they can destroy a person’s self-esteem and self-trust. Society, religion, school and family systems use shaming and guiltingContinue reading


PAUSING P Pausing is the ability to step back. Often, we get so reactive, so emotional, so wrapped up with the things that happen on the surface of life, that we fail to pause, be still and look more deeply. A Allowing is the ability to let life flow through us, without holding onto grudges,Continue reading “Pausing”


Sometimes we eat or inhale toxins as part of our food or stimulants – Some we intentionally digest or consume, others we are surrounded by or unaware of. Sometimes we watch toxins, we take them in with our eyes. Just watching the News or certain social media- we take in images of violence or otherContinue reading “Toxins”

Forgiveness Why forgive? When there has been hurt inflicted and injustice done? Should not anger and rage have the last word? Does the other even deserve any forgiveness? Maybe. And probably not. But you deserve peace. You deserve freedom from the past. You deserve the lightness and release that forgiveness brings. As you transform yourContinue reading