Why forgive?

When there has been hurt inflicted

and injustice done?

Should not anger and rage

have the last word?

Does the other even deserve any forgiveness?

Maybe. And probably not.

But you deserve peace.

You deserve freedom from the past.

You deserve the lightness and release

that forgiveness brings.

As you transform

your relationship with the past

through forgiveness,

you actually arrive in the here and now.

Maybe for the first time fully in quite a while.

The practice of forgiveness

deepens your breath,

opens your heart,

calms your brain

and eases your pain.

You are free.

Free to be fully present.

The past has lost its power over you.

The door into the future has swung open.

Why wait?

Practice forgiveness,

and you will be free. Jack Kornfield Forgiveness Meditation

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