Trauma recovery

Trauma knows no time.

It freezes our brain

or makes us run away and flee all the time.

It makes us angry and we want to fight,

or we give in and please others as a way to escape.

Some of us nurture others without stopping,

all in an attempt to overcome trauma.

Yet trauma does not know time,

it gets us stuck,

or makes us repeat certain behaviors endlessly.


when we carefully invite the trauma into the present

we can begin to heal our brain,

we can stop running.

We can learn to calm our anger

and slow down.

We often discover

that underneath the numbness or anger

are unaddressed feelings of sadness, helplessness or fear.

As we engage our past trauma with compassion,

we can stop fighting,

and we learn to stop pleasing

or nurturing beyond our capacity.

Trauma knows no time,

but when we invite it into the present,

we have a better chance

at leaving it behind.

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