Sometimes all we feel is fear

Sometimes all we feel is fear-

nothing else.

We imagine the worst.

We predict that everything

and everyone we care about

will just disappear.

Our heart rate goes up.

Our shoulders get stiff.

We brace for something that has not happened,

but that our brain predicts will happen.

Trauma and loss experiences do that.

Everything is being shed in a different light.

The film industry and the news channels

thrive because of our receptiveness

to end of world scenarios and

trauma or horror stories.

It can become like an addiction.

Adrenalin rushing.

Heart pumping.

Survival speed living.

And yet: inner peace is lost and tranquility.

Hope gets overlayered with negativity.

Others become objects of our fear,

anger or hatred.

Sometimes all we feel is fear and anger.

Let’s remember

that there is peace,

there is presence, and love and hope.

Let’s breathe and be still…   “This moment, the only moment.”

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