Your Heart can transform…

There is space in your heart

to hold more than you think…

The pain and injustice of the past

seem overwhelming –

and yet with deep compassion

you can hold and transform all of it.

It might take a while,

yet as you practice self-compassion

and forgiveness

the space in your heart will grow.

It will hold you

all of you:

the hurt inner child,

the abandoned inner teenager,

the struggling young adult,

and your current self.

And then it will also let go

of those who hurt you.

Had they known you

and known themselves

they would not have hurt you.

And now your heart can grow

as you let them go, forgive them, forgive yourself

and make space for new beginnings

and new ways of living:

Vulnerable, compassionate and loving

Your heart can transform the past…

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