So much triggers our “painbody” these days:

watching the News,

being reminded of the loss of loved ones,

feeling helpless in the face of senseless violence,

pain experiences of our ancestors being touched,

fears for deployed and fighting soldiers,

empathy and pain on behalf of Ukraine and Russian families.

When we create space in our heart,

when we light a candle,

when we say a prayer or send light,

when we sigh deeply

and breathe deeply in the midst of our triggering,

we share in the load and heaviness that

our “Mother Earth” is experiencing once again, having innocent blood shed on her skin.

The pain of humanity,

our own pain,

the pain of “Mother Earth” –

all are crying out these days.

Let us pause and feel

our “interbeing”.

Let us believe that our painbodies

interconnect with the larger painbody.

Let us call for peace, for an end to all violence, and for compassion to have the last word.

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