One in a Million

Sometimes the macrocosm mirrors

the microcosm of our life, and vice versa:

There is the reality of a war

and here are struggles and uncertainties

in our life.

There are colliding interests and powers

and here we need to hold onto our deepest values.

As you take the time to heal yourself

while attending to your microcosm (your life) –

you bring healing to the world at large.

As you are becoming fully present and aware,

growing in compassion for yourself and for others,

you are becoming the microcosm that the

macrocosm needs to have hope and a future.

A million microcosms who develop

a new awakened consciousness

can shift the future of the macrocosm.

You – working on self-awareness,

healing, trauma recovery,

self-acceptance and self-compassion-

you are awakening

and are bringing that healing energy

to the larger world.

You are one in a million!

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