Radical Acceptance

When I radically accept

how my life has enfolded,

how I have met life,

how I have failed life,

how life has met and failed me at times –

then life and I become one again.

As long as I am judging myself,

hating my life or those who made my life unbearable,

I have no peace,

I am estranged from myself,

and estranged from the life that I call “my life”.

When I begin to practice

tolerating my feelings in the here and now

finding my home in my body again,

breathing deeply and not letting my mind

continue to tell me lies and judgments

about myself and others, or about life itself –

then I am getting closer

to practicing radical acceptance.

“Radical acceptance”, “Forgiveness”

“Finding Grace”, “Living fully present”

“Living abundantly” all become the same experience.

Life and I are reunited – and my life can begin anew…

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