Radical Compassion

When there is no one to give me a hug,

I wrap my arms around myself.

When no one sees the hard work that I have engaged in,

I gently smile at myself and say “well done”.

When no one is there to see or appreciate

how I carried myself through the day,

I rest at the end of a long day and nurture myself

with a good meal and some relaxing music.

When I have no community around me,

as the Pandemic isolates all of us,

I listen to a recording of my father’s voice,

pet my cat, play with my dog, and arrange fresh flowers in my kitchen.

My community are my ancestors, nature, my pets and myself.

In a time when isolation could make me ill or depressed,

radical self-compassion and

awareness of my interbeing with more than people

can heal, nurture and comfort.

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