The little things….

We pray for the big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small (and yet really not small) gifts. How can God entrust great things to one who will not thankfully receive from Him the little things? Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Meditation: It is challenging for children to understand why we ask them not to lie in small things. Little white lies, why not? However, it is important for children and adults to understand that all those little things make our character, and also eventually make the big things in our life. If I am wiggling out of uncomfortable situations by telling small lies, can I trust myself that I won’t wiggle out of very important and challenging situations? The same with gratitude. If I am not thankful for the small things in life, how will I be receptive and grateful for the great things? Gratitude, honesty and faithfulness begin very small, and yet translate into the character building and lifelong traits a person develops. Let us practice as parents and role model for our children how to be grateful, how to be honest and how to be faithful, so they can begin practicing with us.

Prayer: Gracious God, thank You for preparing us and pointing us to the many small things in life that You want us to be grateful for, that You need us to be faithful in and that You want us to be honest about. This is how You build Your Kin-dom among us. When we Christians become and remain grateful, honest and faithful in the many daily things, then You will be able to entrust us with Your large things: The re-establishment of “Justice, Peace and Righteousness” in this world. Let Your Church become a beacon of hope. And let it begin with me. Amen

Whoever is faithful in little things will be faithful in large ones. Whoever is unrighteous in small things will be unrighteous in large ones. Luke 16:10

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