The Blog that became a Book…

9781532054006_pap1.inddDear Readers,

This is the book that has been printed yesterday for the first time. It entails my blogging from 2017 as a daily devotional. If you need a Christmas gift for somebody or would like to have my meditations handy in print for yourself, you can either purchase it from me directly for a discount of $25 (instead of $28.99 retail price) or you can order it these days from my publishing company at

In a few weeks you should be able to purchase it also from any major book selling company (Amazon, Barns and Nobles etc.). The digital e-version will also come out a few weeks from now.

However, you might decide not to purchase anything, but continue to enjoy my blog website and leave it at that. This, too, would make me happy and content. Writing is a hobby of mine, not a career or money making endeavor. So, I do not have much at stake other than appreciating you, my readers, for your love, support and constructive feedback.

Blessings to you and to yours,


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