Only Solidarity Can Fight This…

You don’t fight racism with racism, the best way to fight racism is with solidarity. Bobby Seale

Meditation: “When you see something, say something” this is the sentence that my daughters hear every day in school in case violence looms. Sojourners read those words when they travel while waiting at the airport. Words that are calling for solidarity. Words that want to protect from harm, urging all to speak out when danger threatens an individual or the community. The recent emergence of the “Me too” movement is a solidarity movement of women (and men) who have suffered from sexual violence and abuse. This is a new movement of liberation. “When you have experienced something traumatic, dangerous or destructive, say something.” Sexual predators have been able to continue and hide their abusive behaviors for decades and even centuries because they counted on the shame and isolation that sexual trauma causes. In the past predators were able to keep their victims hostage to shame, trauma and silence. Not anymore! A new day has come! A new era has begun! We witness how even after many years, women and men are now coming out. They speak out by saying: “I have been sexually molested. I have been sexually assaulted and taken advantage of. I have been traumatized by a sexual predator.” The solidarity that we are witnessing between survivors of sexual abuse is powerful. And we need this powerful solidarity as “coming out” is being met with violent threats, even death threats, denial, counter accusations, mockery and additional shaming by predators. Standing up for the truth takes solidarity. It takes courageous and strong survivors. We witness both these days.

Prayer: God we pray for all survivors of sexual abuse, women and men, girls and boys. Let the “Me too” movement create unity among all survivors of sexual trauma. Change our society from keeping taboos and from practicing apathy to show solidarity, and tender sympathy towards the survivors. Protect the survivors when they speak their powerful, vulnerable truth. Heal all wounds that sexual trauma causes. Give the community of survivors courageous hearts. Let them find strength to speak truth to power.  Protect those who dare to speak up. Let your church and society at large show humility and solidarity with all who are being oppressed. Amen

Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly/sisterly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. 1. Peter 3:8

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