It Is Like Taking Poison…

I know from personal experience how damaging it can be to live with bitterness and unforgiveness. I like to say it’s like taking poison and hoping your enemy will die. And it really is that harmful to us to live this way. Joyce Meyer

Meditation: Sometimes families hold on to grudges for generations. Sisters are angry with sisters, brothers hate brothers, couples remain in conflict for decades… and the next generation unconsciously repeats this cycle of bitterness and unforgiveness. When we finally realize that our current family patterns of conflict and hatred have been passed down to us, we can become empowered. When we recognize that what is happening in our current relationships does not have to be, we are set free. We can choose to stop taking poison. We need to let go of our ancestors’ unfinished business. We need to discharge the hatred and anger that have poisoned us from past generations. We can start afresh. This is the good news that our Christian faith has for us. We can overcome broken patterns. We can initiate new connections. Old wounds can be named openly as what they are: old wounds of ancestors that we unconsciously have kept alive in our personal story. We can honor our ancestors without drinking their poison. We can love the generations before us without repeating their unresolved conflicts. In Christ we are set free. We do not have to live in bondage to the patterns of our past nor do we need to redeem or suffer on behalf of those who went before us.

Prayer: God, help us realize where we unconsciously repeat our ancestors’ suffering and where we copy their unresolved conflicts. Make us aware where we drink their poison without knowing it. And once we realize where we are enslaved to family themes of old, set us free. Help us to break through life destroying patterns. You are the antidote to all poisonous relationships. You want us to be free from the shackles of our past. Heal our family relationships today. Amen

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

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