We Will Be Judged By History…

I know that we will be judged in history by not only how we disrupt terrorism but how we protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of all Americans, even Americans who don’t wish us well. We must do all these things exceptionally well. Robert Mueller

Meditation: I find myself these days pausing several times during the day saying a prayer for Robert Mueller and his team. In these days as we witness independent legal agencies under attack by this current president and as we observe important legal procedures and practices undermined, we need to do what is in our power to strengthen the spirit of those who seek the truth, who defend our liberties and who protect our constitutional rights. We watch speechlessly how the president abuses the power of his office to create false stories and to interfere with an investigation that reaches too close to home for him. We witness unprecedented dynamics here in the US. And the congress remains silent. As Germans we are highly sensitive and attentive as we have witnessed the tragic overthrowing of democracy before. We have seen the bending of the law and the loss of boundaries between the legislative and executive powers. We witnessed before the demonic manipulation of the masses through nationalistic extremism and fear. We are keenly and painfully aware of how our current president and certain nationalistic forces are trying to undermine the principles of our American democracy.

Prayer: God, we pray that the constitutional law and the division of the government branches will be upheld at all cost. We pray that Robert Mueller has the time and the means to complete his investigation. We pray for the congress to wake up from its perverted self-preserving silence and instead uphold the basic principles of our law and defend the division of our governmental branches. God hear our prayers and have mercy on this country. Amen

Pray for us. We are sure that we have a clear conscience and desire to live honorably in every way. Hebrews 13:18

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