Intimacy is the abilit to be influenced by the other while letting go of the fear of being controlled. Intimacy is the choice to embrace differences and become so vulnerable as to allow the other’s perspective to complement one’ s own. DLK

Meditation: When we become intimate with each other, we allow the other’s perspective and emotions to influence us to the point of those making enough of an impact that they might change us and our perspective of things. I no longer see the other as a threat, but as an enrichment to myself. I will not lose myself only because the other person influences me. But we always consider two and no longer only one perspective. That makes our life richer not poorer. Becoming truly intimate with each other can make us feel vulnerable and ” naked”. It means we attach ourselves to a chosen “other” while remaining an individual at the same time. We are not losing ourselves, but we gain ourselves in a new way. We become a ‘ we” while not losing the “I” and the “Thou”. Intimacy involves conflict at times as the temporary clashing of differing perspectives. When we allow such “clashing”, the energy that is being generated can enrich both sides and create something beautiful…namely a third way.

Prayer: God, You are within Yourself the experience of different perspectives and of intimacy. Jesus is the human expression of Your divinity and You, as the creator and sustainer are divine presence. The two of You sometimes seem to contradict each other. But when we allow both of You to be in tension, when we allow to see You, God, from.two different perspectives ( human and divine at the same time)- then a third entity is born: The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the expression and energy of the intimacy that exists within You. We yearn for this energy of intimacy in our own life. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit and take our fear away, so that we may live fully and live intimately. Amen

There is no fear in love. For perfect love drives out all fear.1. John 4:18

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