Take A Deep Breath…

You can talk yourself into a good emotional state. I stop for a second, take a deep breath, and think about something that’s beautiful. A beautiful thought for me is cutting the umbilical cord for my child. I can guarantee you that your emotional state will change. Montel Williams

Meditation: Life can be very stressful. Often we are “being lived” by all the demands that pull on us. We forget to slow down. We are reminded today that talking ourselves into a good emotional state starts with a deep breath. As Christians we see this breath as our connection with God as the source of our very being. And as we slow down, as we breathe and pray, we remember all we are grateful for: the life of our children and children’s children, our loved ones and friends, our animals and the many moments of grace that come our way every day. Yes, thinking about beautiful things can ground us. And breathing deeply and praying can be a wonderful way of slowing down. Often in our hectic lives, however, we might not be able to find much time to sit down to meditate or to pray. And yet, we can always practice a so called “breath prayer”. A breath prayer has a long Christian tradition. It attaches the breath to a few words breathing in, and then a few words breathing out, like: “God, You have made me”. “You give me life”. “I am Yours.” “Peace is mine”. And as we practice this short “breath prayer”, if only for a few breaths at a time, we become reconnected with God as our grounding and as the source of our good emotional state.

Prayer: Life giving God, we thank You for the breath that sustains us. We breathe and we remember You, Giver of Life. We are not alone in the hectic of our daily lives. You give us beautiful moments to enjoy and hold onto. You gift us with so many small and big moments of love. Let us remember You. Let us breathe, let us pray, let us be thankful. Amen

The spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Ruler of all gives me life. Job 33:4

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