Prayer at the Beginning of 2018

May I accept that dying is part of life.  

May I not hold on too tightly to the past, when the past needs to be set free.

May I listen to my inner truth and face those difficult existential questions, however anxious I might become in doing so.

May the Spirit of Love, of Strength and of Sound Mind carry me through this year.

May all the changes that this year will bring become an opportunity to sort through what is essential in my life.

May I listen to the Spirit of love and of healing.

May I not live my life too fast, too loud or too preoccupied to hear God’s calm and quiet advice.

May I not fear the politics at large, but trust the values that uphold my life. 

May I seek the long view and the broader sense of purpose and meaning.

May I live as part of a community to stay healthy and strong and avoid the traps of isolation and lack of support

May God gift me and us with wisdom and discernment this year.


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