Christmas, A Great Opportunity…

If you have something dark in your soul, ask the Lord for forgiveness. Christmas is a great opportunity to cleanse the soul. Pope Francis

Meditation: As Christmas is coming close, we all rush to complete our “to do” lists. We check off what we have done and look over what still needs to happen before we can celebrate the arrival of Christ. “Cleansing my soul” was not really on my list for Christmas. So, Pope Francis surprises me with his invitation to see Christmas as an opportunity to let God shine light into my dark places. I surely had thought of cleaning my kitchen to get ready for Christmas, but had not contemplated cleaning my conscience from all destructive forces. Those items don’t fit on my “to do” list. “Asking for forgiveness” and “having my heart sprinkled clean” are not things I do or allow easily. There is so much business that hides my pride and my denial. Can I slow down enough to even notice what my dark places are? Do I even know what I need forgiveness for? What are the destructive energies in my life that need to be washed away? Advent means drawing near with a sincere heart and in full assurance and trust that God born in a manger has the power and authority to wipe my darkness and my destructive energies away. Christmas brings light. Christmas shows the tangible Grace and Forgiveness of God upon which we can stand. Let me put my “to do” list away for a moment and light a candle. I notice, yes, I need the light.

Prayer: Forgiving God, help us overcome our denial, our business and our pride and let us acknowledge that there is darkness within us. Let us draw near to You, while not only cleaning our home, but allowing You to cleanse us from all that makes us sick and tired. Take our negative and destructive thoughts. Take our grudges and lack of gratitude. Let us see Christmas as an opportunity for us to have light shine into our dark places. Thank You for Your Grace that is new every morning, and new every Christmas. Amen

Let us draw near with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Hebrew 10:22

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