Healing Is Going On…

There is a lot of healing going on. Really! More people are vegetarians, more are in the green movement, more of us are tearing down the old paradigms and embracing same-sex marriage, single motherhood, men raising babies. Iyanla Vanzant

Meditation: God’s realm is a healing space where people start seeing their connection with the earth and take concrete steps to preserve it. God inspires us to live as healthy as we can. One of my daughters just decided to become a vegetarian and eat gluten free. She got inspired watching other young women strive to eat as healthy and as conscious as possible. What an amazing choice for a teenager at the age of 14! Healing happens also as God’s love transcends gender roles and broadens narrow views on who can love or parent whom. Even though the dominant story line in the media is currently once again white, male, patriarchal and hierarchical, the reality is that our culture has shifted. We are multicultural. We are open to multiple expressions of loving, family roles and gender expression. Even though there is an acute and severe oppression of this paradigm shift going on, it cannot be stopped. God is the ever evolving, ever more inclusive and ever more generously loving creative force in our universe. Therefore, yes, there is a lot of healing going on. We might not see it every day. But just like Advent…We are waiting for this new healing paradigm shift to be revealed and to be made fully manifest in our midst.

Prayer: Gracious God, even though there is a backlash, Your healing and generous impact on our multicultural society cannot be stopped. We thank You for all who start taking good care of their bodies and of this earth. We thank You for courageous and unconventional families who raise children in a loving environment, while still often facing prejudice and oppression. God, Advent means we are waiting once again for Your ultimate love to be revealed in Your son, born by an unwed teenager. What comfort, what promise! And we are grateful. Amen

Heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ Luke 10:9

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