Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin…

One of Obama’s most impressive attributes is his quiet confidence:… he is comfortable in his own skin, a dedicated father and friend who won’t waste time with the phony rituals of Washington. Ron Fournier

Meditation: I remember that as a 14 year old teenager I was not comfortable in my own skin. I felt awkward. I judged myself and wanted to disappear when others looked at me. I think that is a common experience of puberty. When we then see somebody who is comfortable in his/her skin, we get inspired. Not because that person is “full of themselves”, but because that person is congruent with her/himself. They are in sink with themselves. Content, at peace and truly loving of self, and then subsequently we can see how that peace and self-love will radiate onto others. Today I took photos of my 14 year old daughters during their homecoming weekend. My biggest joy was seeing them comfortable in their own skin. They were playful and unashamed. They radiated a joy and happiness with who they were. It was healing for my inner teenager to see them be so naturally and distinctly themselves. The event that is for some a horror to attend, as they feel utterly self-conscious, was for my daughters a fun event during which they dared to be themselves. Thanks be to God!

Prayer: God, please, be with those teens who did not have a good time during homecoming or who did not even show up today. Those who are depressed, isolated, self-conscious and self-critical. Heal their ability to love themselves. Let them experience support and acceptance. Help them join the community and be themselves, believing that in God’s eyes there is no flaw in them. Amen

You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 4:7

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