Our Tears – God’s Tears…

God’s love does not protect us from suffering. God’s love protects us in the midst of suffering. Hans Kung

Meditation: Many people ask: “How can there be a God if there is so much suffering in the world?” or “How can God allow earthquakes and hurricanes and have so many people die and suffer?” We need somebody to blame. We want somebody to be held accountable for innocent children and adults dying. Also many doubt that there is a God at all because of the harshness of reality. Others just accuse this God of cruelty. The recent natural disasters are being felt deeply in our souls. We are grieving. Anger and blaming are part of grieving. “How can…” are questions of anger and despair. If we allow the notion that God is not causing the suffering, but that God suffers with us as we suffer, our image of God shifts. God holds our anger at him until we are ready to allow to be comforted by God’s presence with us. When I see the hundreds of adults helping to search for and rescue school children buried in the rubble of their school building, I see an image of God. God’s tears are streaming down his face, while God does not rest until God has found us. Our pain is God’s pain.

Prayer: God, we are so vulnerable. Life is so fragile. When the storms of life are raging, be with us. When we mourn the fragility of creation, comfort us. In Jesus we see Your tears mixing with our tears. God, thank You for community coming together to help the suffering. God, in the intimate connection between Yourself, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, You are a loving community within Yourself. And as You reach out to us, You are in community with us. And we are grateful. Amen

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, comforts us in all our troubles. 2. Corinthians 1:3

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