Parenting Teenagers…

I’m not a parenting expert… I’m an engaged, imperfect parent… Like many of you, parenting is by far my boldest and most daring adventure. Brene Brown

Meditation: Parenting has been and is the most formative adventure I have ever been on. Growing as a parent alongside with our children requires us to learn about ourselves and evolve all the time. My two adolescent daughters challenge me to engage them and myself in ways I never have before. When do I step aside and allow the space they ask for? When do I set boundaries and clear expectations? When can they be independent and self-determined? When am I setting guidelines, give consequences and ask for behaviors that serve the good of all? One of the most challenging tasks for me is extending “tough love”. With this I mean the love that structures while remaining differentiated and calm, non-reactive and clear even when emotions are intense. And twin girls age fourteen are intense! They have and express intense feelings that swing from one extreme to another, and often twins swing into opposite emotional directions at the same time. Today I would describe myself as an engaged and imperfect parent. I am learning and working daily to stay centered within myself when the storms of teenagehood reach me.

Prayer: Parent God, help!!! I wish I could be calm. I wish I could be non-reactive. I wish I listened better. I wish I knew when to be flexible and when to set clear boundaries. Thank You for Your patience with my imperfections! Help me to keep integrity and dignity when working on this thing called “parenting”. God, sometimes I feel that I am barely holding on as the Mom of teenagers. Help me remain bold and daring. Help me be a model of “good works” in the midst of being imperfect. Amen

Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity. Titus 2:7

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