God Weeps With Us…

God weeps with us so that we may one day laugh with him. Jürgen Moltmann

Meditation: A terrible storm over Texas has literally been roaring now for two days. And there is no end in sight. Similarly a figuratively threatening storm is hovering over our country and even impacts our worldwide political climate. We experience literal climate change as our weather develops extreme phenomena, even though this “inconvenient truth” is being denied by our current government. And also figuratively the world climate is becoming more extreme: Countries that were formerly democratic are being taken over by oppressive dictators. Laws are either being broken or undermined. The free press is being demonized, and in some countries journalists are even imprisoned or killed. On many levels we experience a terrible storm roaring. We hear and see many victims cry out to God. And God? Some say: “God does not hear”. Others believe: “God does not answer”. And still others claim”God does not exist”. However, God sees and hears all the deeply wounded, all the dying and all those hurt. And God weeps. God is weeping with us. God is weeping for us.

Prayer: God, You are not a stoic ruler far removed from our universe. No, You are able to weep. You have deep compassion for humanity and for this struggling earth. We pray that all victims of this current world climate, all those who have lost a loved one, all who are dying or who are hurting or being oppressed will see Your tear filled eyes. We pray that they will come to know about Your ongoing weeping on their behalf. And we pray that Your Spirit will come to comfort and to heal them. May Your Spirit give us all new hope that “One day we will laugh with You again”. Amen

The Lord commanded me to tell the people about my sorrow and to say: “May my eyes flow with tears day and night, may I never stop weeping, for my people are deeply wounded and are badly hurt.” Jeremiah 6:5-6

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