Blessed are the Motherly…

“Being a mother is an attitude, not (necessarily) a biological relation.” Robert A. Heinlein

Meditation: Today, on Mother’s day, I want to remember and honor all mothers who are dedicated to loving and raising children. I also want to remember and honor all who embrace the attitude of mothering. There are many women who have never carried a child in their body, yet who carry many children in their hearts and souls and care for them. I also want to remember and honor all men who find within them the ability to nurture, accept children unconditionally and who are tender and expressive of their care and love. I want to remember and honor all gay and lesbian persons and couples who decide to either give birth to, adopt or foster children. I want to remember and honor all grandparents who love, embrace and sometimes even raise their grandchildren as their own children. And I want to remember Jesus whose attitude was deeply motherly, and who called God “Abba”, “Daddy”. This tender nickname captures God as the deeply caring, comforting, motherly and trustworthy “Source of Love”.

Prayer: Mother God, without Your Spirit of mothering our world would have perished by now. We thank You for everybody who allows Your Spirit to embody itself in them. We thank you how through Your Spirit that lives within dedicated care providers, we raise the next generation to become themselves loving, caring and motherly. We pray that You teach all of us the mystery of Your motherly love. Amen

I will comfort you …as a mother comforts her child.” Isaiah 66:13

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