Cross-cultural transformation…

You have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to your values. Jeff Weiner

Meditation: How do we know what is “right and wrong”, especially when we live in cross-cultural and multicultural relationships and environments? What one thinks to be wrong, the other considers as “normal” or even “desirable”. How do we journey together when opinions clash and different perspectives seem to make a shared view impossible? Jesus modeled how to live cross-culturally. He fully appreciated the Jewish culture he came from, while also surpassing it and transforming it into something that matched more fully the values as he understood life from God’s perspective. As we live in cross-cultural relationships, we need to remember and share cultural stories and explore the values behind them. And then we want to ask ourselves if the values we experienced in our past still match the values we hold to be true today. Sometimes we decide to hold on to our former culture and sometimes we let go of certain laws or principals. If the values we experienced growing up do not match the values be believe in today, we need to strive for the transformation of our former values so that our current beliefs can be fulfilled.

Prayer: Jesus, thank You for Your role modelling. You remained true to your Jewish culture while also confronting it with the values You believed in. Help us sort through our own cultural values and assumptions. Help us let go of principals and habits that are not life giving. Open our mind to other ways of seeing the world. Help us uphold Your life giving values and translate them into our daily life. Transform us so we can stay true to Your values. Help us find ways that are fulfilling. Amen

“Do not suppose that I came to throw down the law or the prophets — I did not come to throw down, but to fulfill.” Matthew 5:17

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