Who is a prophet?

January 21

2. Peter 1:21 For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.

 Meditation: Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is given to all of us at the moment of our baptism. It does not matter if that was as a child or later in life. It does not matter if I decided to be baptized or if my parents decided for me. Jesus said that he would send a helper, a comforter when he had to leave his disciples. This term Spirit or Breath of God had already been known in the Old Testament scriptures. Prophets and Psalmists talked about the Spirit of God being upon them and upon people. The breath of God is seen as God’s Spirit that created our world. Jesus uses the language of God’s Spirit in new ways. He ties it closely to his life and walk with his disciples. As modern and post-modern people we have often lost the language and the awareness of the Holy Spirit as being a source of strength and the originator of words of truth and words of wisdom. As we claim our baptism, as we claim that God’s Spirit lives within us, we open ourselves consciously to this Spirit of comfort and guidance. However, also persons who are unaware can be used by God to speak prophetic, to speak truth and to speak comfort. Sometimes those persons are even more humble than those who know or think that God speaks through them. The Holy Spirit is God’s breath and it blows wherever it wants to (John 3:8).

Prayer: God, giver of the prophetic Spirit that our world needs. You generously pour out your Spirit. Remind us that your empowering Spirit wants to live in us, wants to speak through us and transform this world with the creative force of your Holy Spirit living in us. Amen

Quote: “We are all at times unconscious prophets.” Charles Spurgeon

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