God’s mystery of butterflies

January 19

John 12:32 Jesus said: “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself.”

Meditation: My father had always been the parent I had felt emotionally very close to. I admired him. As I got older, I also saw his wounds, his flaws and shortcomings. But overall, he was a gracious, humble and loving person. He was also the one who taught me about God’s love. It is inevitable that much of the relationship I have with God was shaped by the relationship I had with my Dad. When he died, I was an adult. And yet, whenever I see a butterfly, I exclaim like a child: “Look, there is a butterfly. My Dad is sending me a sign.” The butterfly has become a symbol for me that captures the power of resurrection that my Dad believed in. It also is this very concrete symbol of beauty, mystery and life that reminds and draws me to the source of all love and grace. As Jesus promised “to draw all people to himself” after he was lifted up from the earth, the butterfly embodies for me the same energy and promise. It is becoming for me the symbol of ongoing connection, of never ending love, or outreaching grace…Even my daughters who never met my Dad see a butterfly and say: “Look Opa (“grandpa”) is saying hello”. This is how faith, how the Spirit of love, connection and trust is being passed on from generation to generation.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for your words of love and care. When you knew you had to leave, you reassured your disciples and the following generations that they would not be alone, but that you will reach out to us. Thank you for sending us signs of your inreaching arms. Thank you for the butterflies.

Quote: “I welcome all butterflies into my heart because that feeling is a constant reminder of how alive and full of love I truly am.”

― Karen A. Baquiran

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